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slideAurora Firewood has many happy customers that attest to our great customer service, pricing and quality of firewood. References are available upon request. We service Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Customers, Apartment Complexes, Mobile Parks, Municipalities and Townships to name just a few. Call us for Dry Seasoned Firewood today!

Firewood Supply, Delivery & Stacking

Aurora Firewood offers Dry Seasoned Firewood. We guarantee we can supply enough firewood to last you through the winter season! And for your convenience, we offer firewood delivery and stacking too. Contact us for all your firewood needs!

High Quality Mixed Hardwood Firewood Face Cords

Aurora Firewood is proud to offer Mixed Hardwood Firewood face cords that may consist of hardwood such as apple, ash, beech nut, cherry, elm, hickory, maple, oak, white birch and others. Our mixed blends are easier to start and result in larger flames because you get all the benefits of the individual hardwoods attributes. For example, oak produces a lot of heat while cherry is easy to start, has a nice sized flame, a pleasant smell when burning and it crackles. Call for current mix availability today!

Why is it Important that Firewood Be Dry & Seasoned?

Wood should be dry and seasoned before being used in a fireplace. The moisture content of the wood should be below 20 percent which usually takes at least six to nine months of drying time after cutting fresh wood. Burning wood with a higher moisture content than 20% produces more smoke and less heat which is undesirable in a home. In fact, the smoke produced from burning “green” wood also adds to creosote buildup in chimneys and creates a potential fire hazard. One way to determine whether firewood is seasoned is to look at the ends of the wood pieces. If you see small splits in the ends, this is a good indicator the woods moisture content is low. Another test you can perform is to knock two pieces of the firewood together. Dried wood has a distinct clinking sound, while green wood will have a much more subdued sound. Call Aurora Firewood for dry, seasoned wood that produces less smoke and more heat!

Stump Grinding

In addition to firewood, Aurora Firewood can also meet your stump grinding needs. We have specially manufactured and well maintained equipment that can grind a stump and its roots into mulch. Some of the benefits of hiring Aurora Firewood to grind the unwanted tree stumps in your yard include:
Aesthetics – tree stumps are ugly and unsightly
Yard Maintenance – no more mowing and edging around the tree stump
Safety – grinding removes the danger of tripping over the tree stump
Utilization – removing the tree stump will allow you to use that space for a much better purpose.
Aurora Firewood can grind tree stumps properly, quickly and at an affordable price. Contact us today!

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    Our company has spent over 30 years earning our reputation as one of Fox Valley's top-quality firewood companies. As a company that has been serving Aurora, Naperville, Batavia, Geneva IL and surrounding areas for so many years, our longevity is a testament to our dedication to high quality dry, seasoned firewood and customer service. We have many happy customers that attest to our great customer service, pricing and quality of firewood. Contact us today!

  • Firewood


    We sell high quality Firewood and we guarantee supply for the entire winter season – Call for Details. We are so confident in the quality of our firewood that we invite you to call us today! We offer delivery and stacking too. AND FIREWOOD MAKES A GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFT!